NOW TMG Betaine 1000 mg, 100 pcs




TMG Betaine is a natural complex that has a restorative effect on the body and normalizes the functions of many systems. The main active ingredient of the product is glycine, which works on the principle of methylation.
The use of a dietary supplement from NOW Foods transforms toxic amino acids into methionine. This compound is an activator of enzyme, vitamin, and hormone functions. The process of methylation allows you to maintain the health and work of the body, hormonal background and absorption of nutrients.
Useful properties “Betaine trimethylglycine” in tablet form from one of the best manufacturers of supplements, vitamin and mineral complexes, sports nutrition is perfectly digested, quickly begins to act, characterized by safety. The vegetarian formula is suitable for people who do not consume dairy or meat products.

The functional effect of the TMG supplement from NOW Foods is expressed by the following properties:
normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system;
activates and accelerates metabolic processes;
tonifies the body;
strengthens natural defenses;
increases endurance and reduces recovery time after intense exertion;
increases physical abilities.
TMG provides quality support necessary for normal body function and health maintenance. Despite the fact that the dietary supplement is not a medicinal product, it can be included in the complex treatment of heart and vascular diseases, metabolic disorders, weak immunity, if prescribed by a specialist.


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