Ultimate Nutrition BCAA Powder 12000, 457 g




BCAA Powder 12000 is a complex of high-quality amino acids in powder form from Ultimate Nutrition.

Sufficient BCAA content in the body accelerates muscle growth, increases the density of muscle fibers and reduces the duration of the recovery period. In case of intensive exercise, their deficiency occurs, which leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of training and activation of catabolic processes.

To restore optimal levels of amino acids, you should buy BCAA Powder 12000. This is one of the most popular sports nutrition products, which works well both when gaining muscle mass and during periods of weight loss.

Benefits of using Ultimate Nutrition BCAA Powder 12000
stimulates the growth and repair of muscle fibers;
increases endurance;
prevents catabolic processes;
reduces the level of fat accumulation.
Composition of Ultimate Nutrition BCAA Powder 12000
Composition of nutrients in one serving (1 scoop – 6 g) of the product:
Leucine – 3000 mg
Isoleucine – 1500 mg
Valine – 1500 mg


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