4Me Nutrition Zinc Picolinate 122 mg, 120 pcs




Supports immunity
Helps in the production of sex hormones
Promotes skin regeneration
122 mg of zinc picolinate in 1 capsule
120 servings per pack
ZINC PICOLINATE from ALL4ME NUTRITION is a source of zinc picolinate in capsules.

Zinc is one of the most important and abundant minerals in the human body. It is concentrated in the pancreas, liver and prostate, as well as in bones and muscles.

More than 400 different enzymes contain zinc and regulate dozens of essential reactions in metabolism and respiration.

Zinc is essential for:

healthy immune function,
the synthesis of the essential hormones insulin, testosterone, somatotropin,
the production of sex hormones and sperm,
for the metabolism of certain vitamins.
Zinc deficiency in the body can be suspected if you observe the following symptoms:

dandruff on the scalp and dry, sensitive skin,
frequent painful inflammation, allergies, acne,
hair loss,
irritability, unreasonable mood swings,
lack of zinc-rich foods in the diet – for example, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, nuts, beef liver and others.
Ingredients: maltodextrin, zinc picolinate, gelatin capsule (gelatin – thickener, water, titanium dioxide – coloring).


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