Optimum System L-Carnitine Concentrate 120000 mg POWER, 1000 ml




L-Carnitine Concentrate 120000 mg POWER from Optimum System is a premium quality liquid L-Carnitine. It is a natural substance that accelerates fat-burning processes, has an overall strengthening effect on the cardiovascular and other systems. Also, L-Carnitine Concentrate increases mental activity, has a positive effect on potency, reduces the level of bad cholesterol, reducing the risk of strokes, heart attacks and other diseases.

Description L-Carnitine Concentrate POWER

L-Carnitine or levocarnitine is a natural vitamin-like substance that performs a number of essential functions in the body. One of the main tasks is the transportation of fat cells to the mitochondria, where their utilization takes place. This property is significantly accelerated during physical activity, especially aerobic exercise. That is why L-Carnitine belongs to fat-burning supplements.

The body is able to synthesize levocarnitine on its own, but only in a small amount, which is necessary to perform basic functions. To accelerate fat-burning and other effects, the substance must come from food. Taking into account the diet and the qualities of the foods that are required to obtain a daily allowance of the substance, L-Carnitine is more convenient and effective to obtain from a supplement. Each serving of L-Carnitine Concentrate POWER contains an increased daily allowance of levocarnitine, which will help to burn fat deposits more effectively and improve overall health.

The main effects of using L-Carnitine Concentrate:

– Acceleration of fat-burning processes;

– Protection against stress;

– Enhancement of endurance;

– Strengthening of the cardiovascular system;

– Acceleration of metabolic processes;

– Improving vascular tone, reducing bad cholesterol;

– Detoxification of the body;

– Improvement of mental activity and cognitive function.

Also, a number of studies show that levocarnitine has a slight anabolic effect, thanks to which athletes during weight loss and drying kept and even slightly increased lean muscle mass.

Among other effects, L-Carnitine is able to increase the transportation of other substances, which enhances their absorption and effectiveness. Thanks to this complex is perfectly combined with other sports supplements when used together.

Benefits of Optimum System L-Carnitine Concentrate


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