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Beta-alanine is an amino acid that is increasingly used in power sports. It is capable of increasing physical performance, pushing back the threshold of muscle failure, and significantly increasing endurance. One of the most important properties of this amino acid is its protective effect on muscle tissues. Beta-alanine also reduces post-exercise pain and accelerates the recovery of muscle tissues.

What for
Beta-alanine is a naturally occurring beta amino acid. It is not involved in the synthesis of enzymes and large proteins. In the body, it is part of anserine, carnosine and pantothenic acid. With increasing concentrations with supplementation, its main action is to buffer muscle tissues in the production of lactate in the muscles during exercise.

A number of studies confirm that beta-alanine not only affects physical performance but also mental performance. The use of the amino acid increased mental endurance, focus, and the ability to concentrate attention. These properties are especially pronounced under conditions of stress, active physical exertion, fatigue and hunger.

The action of the substance is manifested only in power sports. The supplement has a minimal effect in athletics, regardless of dosage and patterns of intake. The greatest potential of the amino acid is in those sports where concentrated or peak loads last from 60 seconds to 4 minutes. In such a case, 100% Pure Beta-Alanine will have maximum effectiveness.

The main action of the supplement is achieved by increasing the level of carnosine in the muscles, which becomes an analog of the intracellular pH buffer. Thanks to this, there is not only a slowing down of acidification during active physical activity, but also an increase in the ability of muscles to “resist” longer before the onset of complete failure. Also, when carnosine levels increase, muscles react less to painful sensations. This increases the effectiveness of training, speeds up recovery and causes less discomfort in everyday life after heavy loads (reduces crepaturia).

Effect of taking 100% Pure Beta-Alanine
Beta-alanine is currently one of the most used amino acids. It is added to pre-training complexes, BCAA and other supplements. The maximum effect is obtained by using 100% Pure Beta-Alanine as a separate supplement. This increases the absorption and effectiveness of the amino acid, and allows you to use high and effective dosages.

The main effects of Optimum System Beta-Alanine are:

– Increasing physical performance and peak performance;

– Postponing the onset of muscle failure during strength training;

– Enhancement of endurance;

– Prevent neuromuscular fatigue;

– Improving concentration and focus;

– Accelerating muscle recovery;

– Reduce post-workout soreness;

– Acceleration of muscle mass growth (indirect) by increasing the intensity of training.

The pronounced effect is noted after 2 weeks from the beginning of use.


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